Best Solo Vacations for Women

solo vacations in Cappadocia Turkey

Dreaming of a solo adventure but unsure what experience you want to embark on? A vacation alone is an wonderful opportunity to uncover exhilarating experiences and create new memories.

Solo travelers enjoy the benefit of venturing out on a journey that truly pique their interest. There’s freedom to navigate at your own pace, and exclusively select all the activities on your checklist. 

Whether it’s a breathtaking cruise in the Mediterranean, zip lining through a dramatic forest, snowboarding down a rugged mountain, exploring artifacts at a museum, or laying on the soft beach sand, there are endless options catered to the single traveler.

Keep an eye out for solo vacation packages that conveniently bundle together a variety of elements such as activities, transportation, and accommodations. Keep reading below to see the best solo vacations for women, and discover your next adventure!


Sightseeing vacations for single women

With a sightseeing trip, venture out and discover the best highlights that a city has to offer! Dive into the rich culture and historic landmarks. Roam through fascinating neighborhoods and sample the local cuisine.

Being in the heart of the city, single travelers will have plenty of opportunity to stay busy when exploring various top attractions and activities. Take-in the captivating atmosphere of the city, visit the top eateries and nightlife, and admire world-class museums. 

There are plenty of vibrant cities bursting with history and culture, that are ideal for solo travelers to visit. Explore the ancient ruins in Rome, taste the street food in Tokyo, or admire the captivating landmarks and buzzing atmosphere in New York City. 

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Singles vacation packages for beach resorts

Unwind on a true beach vacation by yourself, where you can lay on the soft sand, swim in the refreshing ocean, and snorkel with the tropical fish.

Single travelers will have plenty of downtime to soak in the hot sun, and relax with an intriguing novel or cold beverage. If the beach itself is the main highlight, the Caribbean is a key option, as it’s home to some of the top beaches in the world. 

There are also plenty of amazing destinations that offer activities and entertainment alongside a spectacular beach. View the best attractions, eat at the top restaurants, explore the neighborhoods, with the bonus of a lovely beach nearby! Travelers that prefer a more social atmosphere might be interested in an all-inclusive vacation for singles. Staying on a resort is a popular choice for women vacationing alone, as it adds an extra level of comfort and safety.

Explore the lush islands of Hawaii, or try the magnificent coast of Southern Spain. Rejuvenate your mind and body on a wellness vacation in Costa Rica, or let the stress melt away on the tropical islands of the Seychelles and Maldives. 

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solo vacation packages for Mediterranean cruise

Cruises offer solo travelers the opportunity to conveniently explore multiple cities or countries all during one trip! Take advantage of the intriguing on-board amenities and entertainment, which keep you busy as you sail through various destinations. Even if you’re an introvert, making new friends can be easy on a cruise ship.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate river cruise, a lively social cruise, a long-distance world cruise, or a quick 3-day getaway, there are plenty of cruise lines that are ideal for single travelers! Often considered one of the safest ways to travel internationally, a cruise vacation can be a great choice for a woman hesitant about traveling alone.

Set sail up to the rugged terrains of Alaska, unwind on a short and sweet cruise to the Bahamas, sail through the diverse landscapes of Argentina, or journey through the scenic backdrop of the Greek Islands. The are countless options to discover!

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Skiing + Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding singles vacation

Embark on an energetic ski vacation by yourself. Solo travelers ready to hit the slopes at an exciting ski hill have many awesome destinations to consider. Choose from ski resorts with world-renowned facilities, resorts that are more intimate and low-key, or lively resorts with a social atmosphere.

Visit the vibrant French village of Chamonix famous for their “Après-Ski” nightlife, or relax in the charming town of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. The powder in Aspen Colorado never disappoints, and the friendly vibe of Lake Tahoe California is a nice bonus for singles looking to mingle. The world-class resort of Whistler BC is also an incredible winter getaway.

For experienced skiers, enjoy top-notch slopes alongside cozy restaurants, neat shops, snowshoeing and other winter activities, all nestled in a charming village. There are also plenty of resorts with beginner and intermediate slopes for those looking to pick up a new hobby or take lessons! 

After a day on the slopes, enjoy the village amenities which typically include tasty restaurants, fun shops, vibrant bars, and the spa. 

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Outdoor Adventure

female hiking on a vacation alone

Solo travelers looking for an opportunity to experience an exhilarating thrill while visiting a new destination have an abundance of exciting options to explore!

Extreme adventurists may enjoy the likes of bungee jumping by a scenic viewpoint, paragliding in the sunset, or climbing to the top peak of a mountain.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a more mild, but scenic adventure with the opportunity to become immersed in nature and take advantage of the outdoor atmosphere and wild nature.

Either way, unlock your adventure spirit while discovering the vivid landscapes of a new destination. Hike through the biodiverse rainforest in Costa Rica, scuba dive or surf in the magnificent waters in Hawaii, or trek through various tundra on the famous Inca trail in Peru.

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Discover More Solo Vacations

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