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Solo travelers have plenty of activities to experience when visiting a new city. Sample the tasty cuisine, discover historic landmarks, see the neat architecture, and explore the charming streets. 

With an array of activities to choose from, those traveling alone will keep entertained and have the opportunity to explore at their own pace. While traveling by yourself, you can become immersed in the surroundings and relish in the unfamiliar atmosphere. 

Experience the excitement of wandering through a brand-new destination. The best city for solo travel often showcases a bit of everything. Many cities offer a diverse selection of evening entertainment for all ages, including vibrant bars + pubs, cozy lounges, live music venues, and theater performances. Check out the destinations below for the best cities to travel alone.

New York City

exploring New York City alone at night

This bustling city is sprawling with eclectic restaurants, interesting shops, dazzling nightlife + entertainment, and plenty of top-notch attractions! 

Food enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse mix of cuisines and quality eateries all over the city. It’s also home to various food markets such as the popular Chelsea Market or the Gotham West Market, both great options for solo travelers looking to grab a quick and tasty bite! 

Visit the Museum of Modern Art to admire creative exhibitions, and an outstanding selection of modern and contemporary art, or head over to the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art for a world-class collection of over two million works of fine art.

One the sun sets, snag tickets to an energetic Broadway show, head to a live music bar such as the The Flatiron Room, or stroll through Times Square for a lively atmosphere filled with bright lights, sights, and people-watching.

For a detailed guide on exploring this exciting city, check out: Solo Travel Guide to New York 



single women walking in Tokyo

Tokyo is a buzzing city, known for its rich culture, lively neighborhoods, quirky shops, and spectacular food. Single travelers can revel in the city’s funky cafes, late-night eateries, alluring streets, unique boutiques, and impressive train network.

Much of Tokyo is bursting with skyscrapers and modern innovations. For a more traditional atmosphere, visit the charming Asakusa neighborhood, where you’ll discover craft shops, food stalls, and the bright crimson architecture that is the ancient Senso-ji Temple. 

Tokyo has some of the best food in the world. Eating alone here is fun & easy, as dining solo is a common practice and many restaurants are filled with singles. Stop by Tokyo’s Ginza district, a lively hotspot for nightlife, luxury shops, people-watching, and admiring the sights and sounds around you.

For a peaceful break from the bustling city, retreat to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Take a stroll through the traditional Japanese garden, marveling at the serene atmosphere and impressive flora and fauna.


Buenos Aires

visiting Buenos Aires by yourself

Argentina’s capital city is known for its elegant architecture, vibrant nightlife, and bustling neighborhoods. Often referred to as “The Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires is bursting with European influence that is prominent throughout the architecture.

Experience the dazzling nightlife, with riveting tango shows, cocktail lounges, wine bars, and much more. Stroll down the trendy areas of Puerto Madero, a swank riverfront district, or wander through the Recoleta, a lavish district with exclusive shops, chic cafes, and plenty of green space. 

Take a tour or enjoy a classic performance at the Teatro Colon, a world-class opera house with astounding acoustics and grand interior. Stop by the Galerias Pacifico to explore a luxury shopping center set amongst a stunning architectural gem with beautiful murals and elegant vaulted glass ceiling.

For a quick bite, head over to the Mercado de San Telmo, a large bustling market with fresh fruit, antiques, and plenty of prepared food vendors selling items such as empanadas, tapas, paella, dulce la leche, and fresh pastries.



solo weekend getaway to Chicago

This dynamic city is bursting with incredible food (think deep dish pizza), vibrant entertainment, cool attractions, and plenty of shopping for single travelers to enjoy. Chicago’s downtown core also features a unique system of rivers that run right through the city. 

Take a stroll along Magnificent Mile, a popular street known for endless retail shops, dining options, and entertainment. Snap a selfie at the iconic Cloud Gate landmark. This giant bean-shaped monument is situated in Millennium Park and is extremely popular among tourists.

Feast on Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza at popular joints Giordano or Lou Malnati’s, which have been established for over 50 years. For a special treat, stop by Garrett Popcorn Shops for a taste of sweet and savory Chicago-style popcorn.

Catch an engaging performance at The Second City, a lively improvisational comedy theater. Or, head up to 94th floor on the 360 Chicago Observation Deck for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and lake below.

Read our Solo Travel Guide to Chicago to learn more about this energetic destination.



travel alone to London as a female

This buzzing metropolis is a perfect destination for solo travelers interested in city sightseeing. London is bursting with vibrant food markets, intriguing museums, fascinating historic sites, and energetic nightlife. 

Grab a tasty treat at one of the various food halls that London has to offer. A fantastic option for solo travelers looking to discover quality artisan food vendors, hot meals, and arts + crafts, stop by the historic Borough Market, and the hip Camden market.

Head over to the Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace to view the sheer beauty and history of within these Royal buildings. Stop and take a relaxing break at the magnificent Hyde Park, a spectacular green retreat right in the heart of the city.

Stroll along the vivid cobblestone streets and admire the statuesque striking Big Ben clocktower, a notable icon in London’s backdrop. 

For a full guide to visiting this fascinating city, see our Solo Travel Guide to London.



solo sightseeing in the city of Paris

While Paris can often be regarded as a destination for couples and romance, it is also a great city for solo women to visit. It offers a fantastic food scene, intriguing museums, and a multitude of famous sights to see by yourself. 

Get up-close to the Eiffel Tower during the day, or stop by at night to see it sparkling with lights. Retreat to the serene Luxembourg Gardens offering a quiet atmosphere that’s perfect for a scenic stroll.

Explore famous art pieces and see the stunning architecture inside the Louvre Museum. In-between sightseeing, pop into a boulangerie for a freshly baked croissant or enjoy the popular Parisian pastime of people-watching while sipping on a coffee at a cafe patio.

Paris is a relatively pedestrian-friendly city, with a straightforward train system for single travelers to navigate. In the central areas of the city, exploring the streets by foot will also give you an authentic sense of the atmosphere in Paris.


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