Best Tours & Travel Groups for Singles

solo travel groups riding camels in Egypt

Travel groups bring together individuals with similar interests from all around the world! Many single travelers decide to join a group tour as it’s an ideal setting to share the experience amongst like-minded travelers. 

There are many solo travel groups available, as well as plenty of reasons why single travelers might opt to join one. Perhaps there’s a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, but would feel more comfortable traveling with an organized group. 

Maybe you’re no stranger to traveling alone, and are primarily interested in meeting new people in a group setting. Or, you might just appreciate the convenience of having the itinerary and logistics planned for you. 

There’s a multitude of options that cater to a wide variety of demographics, such as travel groups for singles over 40, tours for seniors traveling alone, and travel tours for singles in their 20s.

What are Group Tours?

Group tours are operated by companies that organize specific itineraries and arrange a wide variety of trips that cater to various demographics and interests. Travelers are transported through the exciting journey, within a small group setting. 

When traveling with a tour group, there’s no need to worry about small details or logistics. The tour company conveniently puts together a seamless itinerary, and handles your transportation and accommodations at each stop.

The best tours and travel groups for singles offer a bit of everything! Various types of tours exist, including enchanting wildlife safaris, scenic walking tours, tasty culinary ventures, thrilling outdoor adventures, and many more! 

Take a deep dive into a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, as many tour companies offer sightseeing itineraries to a vast selection of countries! Read on below for tour operators that offer a wide array of exciting group tours to choose from, many of which are ideal for singles. 



Intrepid is a leading adventure tour company that organizes small group tours, offering over 1,000 trips to 100 countries! Pick your favorite worldwide destination to discover, or choose from a variety of tour themes, such as a walking tour through Italy’s Amalfi Coast, or an outdoor adventure in Peru.

G Adventures

G Adventures is a travel company that arranges small group tours, safaris, and expeditions, primarily focused on young people. Choose from a variety of interesting travel styles such as a wellness tour or an active tour. If you have a desired region in mind, select from one of many itineraries featuring that destination. Try an active tour to the Inca trail in Peru, or a sightseeing expedition in Morocco. 


Trafalgar is a tour operator that arranges trips to over 72 countries. Choose from a wide selection of creative itineraries that include your favorite destination, or select from a plethora of exciting travel themes!  Join a sightseeing tour and see the highlights of Ireland & Scotland, or explore European culture and history on a journey to Spain and Portugal.  


Exodus is a tour company that organizes trips to over 100 different countries! Exodus focuses on adventure, and features hundreds of interesting itineraries to select from. Try an active cycling tour, a sightseeing walking tour, or a thrilling wildlife experience. Exodus also offers a selection of group tours designed for solo travelers.


Discovering Group Tours for Solo Travelers

European tours for singles

If you plan to travel alone, there are factors to consider when searching for a group tour. There’s an abundance of tours and travel groups for singles. Ask yourself the below questions to help narrow down your options and determine a tour that’s best suited for you.


When do you intend to travel?

When looking at a specific group tour, you might come across a list of intended departure dates and an itinerary of the destinations you will visit. Tour companies generally have pre-set departure dates for when a tour will take place. These can be far ahead, or closer to the current date. As the tour dates and itinerary are typically pre-arranged, this is something to be mindful of when planning your vacation, so that you can choose a date that works best for your schedule.

How long would you like to travel for?

Many tours range from 8 to 14 days long, as they account for travel time between cities, and allow you to experience the highlights of the cities visited. While it depends on the tour, many itineraries will typically visit 3 to 5 different destinations within that time frame. For certain experiences, you can also find tours as short as 5 days, tours as long as 24 days, and everything else in-between.

What type of activities interest you?

Tour companies typically offer various types of tours. Perhaps you would like to spend your days hiking in the forest, explore the food and culture of a country, or uncover historic landmarks in a city. A common theme offered is sightseeing-based tours. These tours transport you to a brand-new city or country and allow you to visit the notable attractions and top highlights. They are broad and generally appeal to most people.

There are also more specific tour themes for certain interests. For example, there are adventure tours that take you outdoors, culinary trips, and sailing or cruise expeditions. While you’ll often find single travelers in most groups, there’s also tours that specifically offer group trips for solo travelers.

Where do you want to go?

Is there a specific destination that you already have in mind? If not, flip through a travel magazine for ideas, or see our Solo Trip Guide for inspiration. Tour companies will generally plan an itinerary that gives you the opportunity to visit various top cities within the same country or region. For those interested in group travel for singles, there’s a wide array of destinations to contemplate.

Try browsing through tour listings to see what piques your interest. Often, you’ll be able to see a group tour’s itinerary on the tour listing page, which displays the scheduled cities and the activities planned for each day.  


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There’s a multitude of cities, adventures, and group tours for singles to consider. The best group trips for singles showcase the highlights of a destination and give you the opportunity to experience a new city alongside others.

However, if you’re looking for other travel styles where a creative itinerary is planned for you, or an engaging atmosphere where you have the opportunity to meet new people, you might be interested in a voyage on a cruise! Read the Best Cruises for Solo Travelers for more options!

If you prefer the excitement of planning your own trip and the flexibility of traveling at your own pace, there are plenty of amazing destinations and vacation experiences for single travelers featured on our website.

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