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Experience a journey in your own country, or venture out to explore the diverse cultures, cuisines, and landscapes the world has to offer. Discover the best destinations for solo travelers. 

Sail through the vast ocean on a cruise ship, lay beachside on soft white sand, ski on rugged mountains, sightsee ancient ruins, or hike through the forest. Uncover the best solo vacations for you.

Solo travel groups + tours unite individuals with shared interests from all around the globe. Join a group tour and embark on a journey to a new destination alongside like-minded individuals. 

Set sail on a voyage to uncover multiple cities all within one seamless journey. Single travelers can relish in the myriad of exciting on-board activities. Discover the best solo cruises for your next trip. 

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Welcome to Single Travel!

Solo travel is a growing pursuit, as many individuals gravitate towards the journey of exploring a destination on their own. While traveling by yourself, enjoy solitude, become immersed in your surroundings, or connect with like-minded travelers along the way.

Single Travel unpacks the best destinations, cruises, group tours, and vacations for those holidaying alone. We feature a roundup of the absolute best solo vacations, but also zone in on the top options for specific age groups! You’ll also find solo female travel guides to the most fascinating cities.

Whether you’re looking for guidance as someone traveling alone for the first time, or you’re a seasoned solo traveler hoping to discover a new adventure, we’ve got you covered!

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Explore The Possibilities…

Dive into the endless possibilities for your next adventure. Enjoy a historic sightseeing journey, a noteworthy culinary experience, a thrilling adventure in the mountains, an exotic cruise, or a relaxing beach in the tropics! Today, you’ll also find there are plenty of travel groups for singles as well as cruises that are optimal for single travelers.

You might be surprised at the abundance of activities that exist for the solo traveler. For evening entertainment, there’s theater performances, vibrant restaurants, live music, and energetic nightlife. There’s cultural and historic attractions to discover, such as museums, art galleries, and ancient architecture. For outdoor activities, you’ll find skiing, hiking, nature walks and much more. 

Don’t forget about solo travel deals that you may be able to snag. The best solo travel companies will feature itineraries and activities optimal for those traveling alone.

solo female travel in Paris France
Explore our city guides for solo travelers!
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What is a solo traveler?

There are many purposes and reasons to travel alone. Maybe you find that you’re better able to explore a place and notice more details when you’re traveling by yourself. Perhaps you prefer the flexibility of being able to pick a destination off your bucket list.

Solo travelers encompass a wide variety of ages and demographics. Single Travel has written content to cater to a diverse range of demographics and interests. You’ll find solo travel articles on solo travel for women, as well as for specific age groups, such as those in their 20’s and 30’s, over 40’s, over 50’s, over 60’s, and seniors. 

Traveling alone as a woman can be an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a different environment, meet new people, and discover your true interests. 

With the increasing popularity of solo travel for women, various online communities have gained traction, such as the Reddit solo travel group, and the Tripadvisor forum. 

Endless Experiences Await 

There’s an extensive range of adrenaline-pumping adventures for solo travelers to experience. Try hiking through rugged mountains, backpacking solo through vast landscapes, or learn to scuba dive or surf on tropical beaches.  

Take a ski trip for singles and be swept away to one of many breathtaking destinations, from the astonishing ridges of the Swiss Alps to the thrilling turf in Colorado. 

Visit city highlights on a sightseeing trip. Renowned art galleries, historic landmarks, tasty food, and live performances await. Keep an eye out for solo travel packages that combine elements such as activities, transportation, and accommodations. 

Or grab a book, soak in the sun, and unwind on the soft sand on an exotic beach vacation. Try all-inclusive vacations for singles, or take a relaxing vacation by yourself. There’s an endless list of intriguing solo trips for women to embark on.

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