Best Vacations for Singles Over 60

vacations for singles over 60 to Egypt


Unlock the exhilarating experiences that the world has to offer! With an incredible expanse of diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery, and contrasting landscapes, there’s endless ground for solo travelers to explore. 

Perhaps you’re interested in discovering the historic sites of a particular region, the comfort of a cruise sailing through multiple cities, a relaxing all-inclusive beach vacation, or the conveniences of a group tour to an exotic destination. 

As a single traveler, take advantage of the flexibility of designing your vacation according to your true interests and desires! Thoughtfully plan the activities you would like to do, and the stops you would like to make! 

Plenty of exciting vacation experiences are ready to be discovered. Read on below for the best vacations for single travelers over 60. 

Sightseeing: Florence

going on vacation alone in Florence

The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence is a spectacular city recognized as an icon for Renaissance art and architecture. 

At the acclaimed Uffizi Gallery, admire classic masterpieces including Boticelli’s Birth of Venus and Annuciation by Leonardo Da Vinci. Discover the famous “David” sculpture by renowned artist Michelangelo and a vast collection of other timeless art at the Accademia Gallery. 

For the most magnificent outlook of the city, head over to Piazzale Michelangelo. Situated on a hill, this 19th century square unveils panoramic views of the city below. Relax on the steps, or stroll along the beautiful vista.

Taste the delicious Italian fare at a traditional cafe, or try a cooking class to learn the art behind making fresh pasta. Florence is a fantastic city for solo travelers to walk around and admire the spectacular architecture, lovely squares, and charming neighborhoods, as there’s beauty around every corner. 

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Cruise: Alaska

solo cruises for women to Alaska

Drift through rugged terrain and vast territories as you sail up to Alaska. Along the way, stop by fascinating remote towns and discover the impressive outdoor topography, featuring a treasure trove of wilderness, glaciers, lakes, and icebergs. 

Enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains on the comfort of your cruise ship. Experience the tasty restaurants, a relaxing spa, entertaining theater performances, and much more!

Choose from the opportunity to unwind in solitude, or engage in one of the many entertainment and social options. Cruises are a great vessel for single travelers to mingle and meet new people, as there are plenty of group activities and spare time to wander around in common areas.

Cruise lines offering Alaska voyages with great activities for singles over 60 include Princess Cruises and Holland America.


Group Tour: Egypt

group tour vacations to Cairo

Group tours are an excellent option for solo travelers that would like the comfort and camaraderie of traveling with other like-minded individuals! Tour companies organize an exciting itinerary and arrange the logistics of the trip.

Uncover ancient history with a group tour through Egypt. Travel out to the Sahara desert and admire the revered Giza pyramids, sail down the famous Nile river, and visit the fascinating open-air museums in Luxor. 

With a curated itinerary, make your way through the top sights in Egypt, while experiencing the convenience of traveling in a group setting.   

Those with other interests can choose from a myriad of different travel groups for singles. Food and culinary enthusiasts might enjoy an adventure through Italy, or a tour to the wine region in France. Travelers interested in a beach vacation might prefer a tour through the Greek Islands. 

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Beach: Grand Cayman

beach vacations for singles over 60

There’s a reason Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is consistently voted as one of the top beaches worldwide. Solo travelers looking to escape to a majestic tropical destination can unwind on the soft white sand, admire the serene atmosphere, and soak in the crystal clear waters on this breathtaking beach. 

Besides the beach, there are plenty of other fun activities for single travelers to take part in! Visit the Cayman Turtle Centre for a unique educational facility offering animal exhibits and wildlife encounters with the delightful sea turtles. 

For shopping and entertainment, take a stroll along the nearby Camana Bay, a waterfront district with lively restaurants, cafes, and shops. Grand Cayman’s laidback atmosphere and spectacular beaches make it one of the best tropical vacations for singles over 60. 

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Scenic Adventure: Dubrovnik

singles vacations to Croatia

Dubrovnik is situated in the southern tip of Croatia and features spectacular stone architecture and astonishing views of the Adriatic Sea. Take a walk up on the medieval city walls, one of the top sights in the city. The 1.2-mile path encircles the historic center, offering views of the vibrant sea and the Old Town below. 

Ride the cable car up to Mount Srd, where a panoramic vista awaits. Admire the breathtaking image of the prominent red-orange tiled houses, crystal clear sea, and neighboring islands in the distance.

Be sure to traverse the narrow cobblestone paths and numerous staircases throughout the popular Old Town, revealing a maze of restaurants, shops, and timeworn landmarks. 

Women traveling alone can enjoy a quiet walk through the trails on the lush island of Lokrum, a nature reserve that is only a 15-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a great destination to consider for singles over 60 interested in a laid-back scenic adventure.

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