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trips for singles to Santorini Greece

Have you thought about taking a vacation, but are unsure of exactly where to go? There’s an abundance of exciting solo trips for women to experience! The benefit of solo travel, is that you can thoughtfully select a destination that solely matches your interests! 

On a solo getaway you can enjoy solitude, engage with your surroundings, as well as have the option to connect with other travelers. For the single traveler, an added bonus is the opportunity to meet new people while on the road. 

There’s an entire treasure trove of intriguing experiences to unlock when venturing out on a trip alone, such as discovering the rich culture, admiring the historic sites, wandering through charming neighborhoods, and nature walks or outdoor activities in lush landscapes. 

The best trips for singles typically include a sprinkle of everything, including local eateries, fun shops, outdoor activities, cultural + historical attractions, and a social scene. An exciting journey awaits, as we explore the best solo travel destinations.


single getaway to London

A bustling cosmopolitan city, London is brimming with fantastic architecture, lively pubs, historic museums, and world-class attractions. Solo travelers have plenty of evening entertainment to choose from, including theater performances, live music, comedy bars, and clubs.

Grab a tasty bite at the Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food halls in the city. Stroll through endless displays of mouthwatering pastries, delectable hot meals, cheeses, dried meats and many other artisan foods.

Take a peaceful break from the city and enjoy a nature walk at Hyde Park, a spectacular 350-acre Royal park situated right in the city, or visit the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the elegant royal residence of the Queen.

See our guide to Solo Travel in London to discover more about this vibrant city.


San Francisco

solo weekend getaway in San Francisco

San Francisco is a top destination with an array of exciting things for solo travelers to see and do. The windy city is known for the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the classic cable cars, and steep hills.

Feel the breeze in the air as you catch a ride on the iconic cable car. Recognized as a National Historic Landmark, it is the only cable-car system worldwide that is still manually operated. Try the popular route from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf, which is one of the three routes available.

With North America’s oldest and largest Chinatown, swing by the neighborhood and wander through the maze of streets for tasty dumplings and other traditional meals. Don’t miss the Golden Gate Bridge, admire it from up close, or alternatively, plenty of bike rentals are available for those wishing to ride across the iconic 1.7 mile long suspension bridge.



sightseeing singles trips in Rome

Rich in traditional architecture, a solo trip to Rome will keep you busy with exploring the numerous ancient landmarks and buildings that encompass this historic city. From the largest standing amphitheater and former gladiator arena, known as the iconic Colosseum, to the Roman Forum featuring a collection of ancient ruins, get a glimpse into the history and culture that have been present for over 1500 years. 

Stop by the trendy Trastevere neighborhood, and take a stroll on the narrow cobblestone streets lined with artisan shops, cafes and restaurants.

With millions of tourists a year, there’s no shortage of single travelers grabbing a coffee at various cafes, those shopping in the fashion boutiques, or posing for photos in front of the Trevi fountain. You’ll really feel the exciting energy as you navigate through the city, making it one of the best solo travel destinations to visit. 

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trips to take alone to Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is a large metropolis revered for its culture, fantastic food, quirky shops, and lively atmosphere. Solo travelers can especially take advantage of the energetic nightlife, late-night eateries, and unique cafes. 

An exciting city to explore by foot, Tokyo is a walkable city with fascinating neighborhoods to uncover. Visit the Ginza district, a great destination for people-watching and sightseeing that is brimming with countless delicious restaurants and luxury department stores.

While the city certainly has many tall skyscrapers and modern buildings, it is also home to many beautiful historic temples. Admire the magnificent details and bright crimson red architecture of the remarkable Senso-ji Temple.

Venture over to the famous Shibuya Crossing to experience the sheer volume of people and energy at this lively intersection. Consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, Tokyo can be a particularly enjoyable destination for women traveling alone.



female solo trip to Vancouver in fall

This diverse city offers the beautiful ocean, rugged mountains, and an exquisite food scene. Vancouver is a great destination for a solo trip, offering captivating outdoor adventures, all while showcasing the benefits of being in a large city. Meet other fellow outdoor enthusiasts as you climb up the demanding Grouse mountain, or cycle around the spectacular seawall encompassing Stanley Park. 

Not just for nature-lovers, there’s something to do for everyone! With an impressive food scene, Vancouver offers a selection of different cuisines as well as the bustling Granville Island Public Market. 

Once the sun sets, attend a performance of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, head for dinner and drinks in the lively Gastown district, or stop by the Shipyards Night Market for an energetic atmosphere with food vendors and shops to explore. The diverse range of attractions make this city one of the best destinations for solo travelers. 


New Orleans

solo trips for women to New Orleans

The lively city of New Orleans is widely recognized for its Creole cuisine, dazzling jazz music, and vibrant heritage, making it a great choice for an exciting solo getaway.

Don’t miss the French Quarter, considered to be the heart of the city. As you stroll through the oldest neighborhood in the city, you’ll find jazz clubs, top eateries, colorful architecture, street performers, and art galleries amongst an energetic backdrop. Visit the nearby French Market, an open-air market featuring an eclectic mix of vendors selling souvenirs, crafts and food. 

Catch a ride on the streetcars, which charm visitors with their vintage aesthetic. Not only are they an inexpensive way for solo travelers to get around, they are also a fun way to see the architecture and sights of the city.

Head over to the New Orleans City Park for a serene escape away from the lively city center. For women traveling alone, this massive urban park offers various activities to do, including peaceful walking paths, the Botanical Garden, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. 


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