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Amsterdam trips for singles over 40






Solo travel provides the opportunity for individuals to branch out and determine the activities that they are truly interested in! Navigate a brand-new destination at your own pace, and discover the excitement of venturing out on a solo trip.

The best trips to take alone often include an abundance of solo-friendly activities that you can explore, while offering a social setting if you are also interested in meeting others!

Uncover the history and culture of a region, sample new foods, participate in outdoor activities, engage in the entertainment + social scene, and independently make your way around a new environment. There are countless cities that are ideal for single travelers over 40. 

Read below to discover the best solo travel destinations for your next adventure. 

San Diego

solo sightseeing in San Diego

Home to an ample collection of art galleries, pristine beaches, amusing shops, and lush gardens, San Diego offers plenty of exciting sights ideal for a solo getaway. 

Retreat to the massive Balboa Park for a quiet nature walk away from the bustling city. You’ll find plenty of activities, from the lovely botanical gardens, to a collection of cultural and historic museums, and a variety of nature trails. 

For those looking for a bit of thrill, book a hang-gliding or parasailing experience at the Torrey Pines Gilderport. At this popular center, encounter the sight of the coast with a myriad of colorful kites preparing for take-off. Or, catch the sunset and admire the stunning backdrop of the ocean.

With over 70 miles of coastline, there’s plenty of locations to take a dip in the water and enjoy the ocean breeze. Stop by the secluded La Jolla Cove, the lively Mission Beach, or the Sunset Cliffs National Park.

See our Solo Travel Guide to San Diego to discover more about the city.


Ho Chi Minh City

cultural trips for singles to Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular destination for solo travelers to dive into a rich cultural experience in a bustling city environment. A cup of delectable Vietnamese coffee, a steaming bowl of pho, and many other local delicacies await you. 

Day tours can transport single travelers to the water-based region of Mekong Delta, filled with houses on stilts and mazes of rivers, where you can see how the majority of Vietnam’s agriculture is grown.

Stop by the Ben Thanh market, the city’s largest market where you’ll find endless rows of shops selling all type of goods, outstanding street food, and local produce.

Once the evening rolls around, visit Ho Chi Minh City’s lively streets of Bui Vien and Nguyen Hue. After dusk, these streets come alive with bright lights, energetic crowds, late-night eateries and shops, making it a vibrant backdrop for a leisurely evening stroll.

To learn more, read our Solo Travel Guide to Vietnam.



weekend solo trips to Portland

This vibrant city is notable for its massive parks, food + drink scene, and exquisite microbreweries. With no shortage of beautiful green gardens, enjoy a stroll through the International Rose Test Garden, home to over 8,000 dazzling roses. 

Grab a bite at one of the hundreds of food trucks sprinkled around the city, or stop by the Portland Farmers Market to sample the tasty cheeses, fresh pastries, aromatic coffee, and many other local delicacies. 

With an eclectic mix of social activities around the city, single travelers can choose from a diverse selection of late-night eateries, lively karaoke lounges, and adult-friendly retro arcades. 

Stop by Powell’s City of Books, considered to be the world’s largest independent bookstore. Spanning an entire city block, this neat treasure trove houses an extensive collection of classic books, new titles, stationary, gifts, and much more.



singles trips for women to Budapest

There’s plenty to do in the lively capital city of Hungary. See the intriguing architecture, enjoy the thermal baths, absorb the energetic atmosphere and culture of the city.

You’ll find a great selection of thermal baths in Budapest. Visit the popular Széchenyi Thermal Bath for a spa-like experience, featuring an extensive outdoor thermal pool with natural hot springs water, various indoor pools, saunas, and steam cabins.

Ride the funicular up to Buda Castle to explore this spectacular complex. While up in the historic Castle Hill district, wander over to Fisherman’s Bastion, one of the city’s top monuments. Step out onto the terraces to discover a wonderful panorama of the Danube River.

Stop by the Central Market Hall, a fantastic spot for solo travelers to grab a bite to eat. This vast market has a variety of food vendors selling prepared meals, fresh vegetables, smoked meats, as well as handmade crafts.

Check out our Solo Travel Guide to Budapest to read more about exploring this city by yourself.


Buenos Aires

Argentina travel for singles over 40

Argentina’s capital city, often referred to as “The Paris of South America”, is brimming with European elegance that shine through the city’s design and architecture. It’s a cultural hub with theater performances, art, fashion, and an excellent food and wine scene. 

Single travelers can explore the vibrant nightlife, including a diverse selection of cocktail lounges, wine bars, night clubs, and cafes featuring riveting Tango shows. 

Catch a performance or book a tour of the Teatro Colon, an iconic staple of the art scene. This opulent opera house features top notch acoustics, grand hallways, ornate details, and impressive stained-glass skylights. 

Buenos Aires’ charming architecture is indeed a highlight, with many bustling neighborhoods to explore such as Puerto Madero which is a hip riverfront district, and the Recoleta, which is an upscale and fashionable street.



female trip alone to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is often recognized for its cycling culture, easygoing atmosphere, and elaborate canal system. This lively and popular city is a great destination for solo travelers to navigate either by foot or bike.

The city center of Amsterdam is home to many remarkable museums that are a must-see, most notably the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Whether it’s daylight or after sunset, enjoy the magical experience of strolling through the beautiful neighborhoods of Amsterdam. 

Drop by the largest street market in the city, at the energetic Albert Cuyp Market. Sample the tasty fare, including the dutch waffle known as the Stroopwafel, and the delicious cheeses. If you want to mingle with other tourists, there are many guided walking tours that are popular amongst singles in their 40’s. Most are a few hours long, and cost approximately 35 euros.

With 300 miles of bike lanes intertwined through the city, single travelers can also hop on a bike or join a bike tour to uncover the hidden gems and beauty of the city. 


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