Best Trips for Singles in their 20's and 30's

solo getaway for young adults to Amsterdam






Embarking on a solo trip gives you the advantage of doing everything according to your own schedule, and the excitement of planning your own itinerary. It can also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and pursue new experiences. 

The best trips for singles in their 20’s and 30’s often are lively cities where you can explore aimlessly, meet new people, experience the nightlife, and enjoy a variety of activities geared towards those traveling alone. 

Perhaps you’re a seasoned solo traveler looking to uncover new destinations, or maybe it’s your first time on a solo getaway and you’re looking for suggestions. Read on below to discover the best solo trips that offer a bit of everything! 


solo travel trips along the canal

Amsterdam is known for their laid back atmosphere, neat bike culture, and intricate canal system which features over 150 canals. A destination that’s popular amongst young individuals, it’s a great spot for a solo getaway!

Enjoy the magical experience of traversing through the streets of Amsterdam. In the charming Jordaan neighborhood, wander through beautiful historic homes, quirky shops, and trendy cafes. 

Stop by the largest outdoor street market in the city, the Albert Cuyp Market, where you can venture down a long pathway of food stalls, hip clothes, and crafty items. Don’t miss the highlights, which include the dutch waffle known as Stroopwaffle, and tasty Gouda cheese.

For nighttime activities, head over to the districts of Leidseplein and Rembrantplein, two lively nightlife hubs brimming with dance clubs, festivals, and pubs. Or sign up for a pub crawl to join a group and experience the lively social scene in the company of like-minded singles.



trip alone to Bangkok temple

Bangkok is recognized for its animated streets, grand temples, floating markets, and roaring nightlife. Filled with young backpackers from across the world, it is one of the easiest cities for a solo traveler in their 20s or 30s to make new friends.

While the city has an abundance of breathtaking temples, don’t miss the Wat Phra Chetuphon, which features the famous golden Reclining Buddha statue measuring over 150 feet long! Inside the temple grounds, also discover the ancient pagodas, delicate statues, intricate artwork, and ornate details of the architecture.

Venture over to the largest market in Thailand, known as the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Browse through a whopping 10,000 shops showcasing handicraft items, trendy clothing, household items, souvenirs, jewelry, tasty eateries and much more!

Bangkok is known as a party hub with a large variety of nightlife activities for solo travelers to experience. These range from rooftop bars, to dinner cruises, to nightclubs, and street parties! Once the sun sets, head to Khao San Road, a bustling traveler’s center with hostels, open-air bars, quirky shops, and late-night eateries.


New Orleans

singles weekend getaway in New Orleans

New Orleans is a lively city that is well-known for their extravagant Mardi Gras celebration. This buzzing city is also recognized for their Creole cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and thriving music scene.

With jazz music being a prominent staple in the city, don’t miss an uplifting performance at the Preservation Hall, which features daily intimate concerts that capture the traditions of New Orleans Jazz music.

The heart of New Orleans is right in the French Quarter. This must-see neighborhood features outstanding architecture, cool street performers, exquisite art galleries and neat cafes where you can sample classic dishes such as a po’boy or jambalaya.

Make your way over to the festive Frenchmen Street to explore the artistic surroundings and gain insight into the local music scene. With a party vibe that’s ideal for a solo weekend getaway, single travelers will appreciate the diverse collection of bars and clubs that shine on this exciting street.



travel for single women in their 20’s and 30’s to Cancun

Cancun is overflowing with lively bars, vibrant nightlife, and relaxing beaches. Especially great for a solo weekend getaway, single travelers can choose from an endless selection of all-inclusive resorts offering plenty of activities and entertainment right on-site. Or, check out a hostel for a more budget-friendly option with a social environment. 

During the day, enjoy a selection of outdoor activities, many of which are often included with the resort fee. Additionally, most resorts have a dedicated beachfront area for guest to enjoy. The public beaches are also worth visiting, such as the stunning Playa Defines. 

Take a dip in the refreshing water and snorkel with the fish. Or join a kayaking or scuba diving tour for an adventurous workout with others! 

When the sun sets, the atmosphere becomes energetic. Lounge on the poolside with beach bars or catch live music performances. Bar hop along the beachfront strip, or sign up for a nightclub tour to experience the best of the nightlife within in fun group setting. 



skyline of downtown Austin

Austin is a booming city with a bustling culture scene, warm climate, and a hub for tasty food (think delicious BBQ and Tex Mex). Austin also showcases quality nightlife, considering they are known as the capital of live music. You’ll get numerous awesome venues, and an eclectic mix of genres, with an emphasis on blues and jazz.

As a single traveler, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet other people during a night out in the town. Austin is quite popular with the younger crowd, and there is no shortage of live music venues, ranging from dive bars, to swanky lounges, to lively nightclubs. 

Stop by Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar for a unique experience, where you’ll want to join in on the singing and cheerful atmosphere, or catch a compelling live show at The Continental Club.

Stroll through the trendy area of the Soco District, lined with funky shops, amazing eateries, fun street art, and a large assortment of cowboy boots! The lively nature of this city makes it a fantastic setting for a solo trip. 


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