Croatia Solo Travel Guide

Croatia solo travel guide





Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has a plethora of coastline, magnificent scenery, and remarkable historic architecture. 

Throughout the country, you’ll discover ancient Roman ruins at Diocletian’s Palace, historic city centers including the Old Town in Dubrovnik, breathtaking islands such as Hvar, and magnificent national parks such as Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Croatia has a spectacular coastline that spans across many cities, as well as convenient ferry transportation to reach its many nearby islands. This makes it a fantastic destination for women interested in a holiday on the beach.

There’s a diverse selection of activities for solo travelers to do in Croatia. Hike at the national parks or on one the many Dalmatian islands, go for a swim at the beach, admire the timeworn architecture, or experience the social scene at the lively bars and clubs. 

If you’re thinking about going on a vacation alone to this scenic country, read below for our Croatia solo travel guide.


Croatia solo female travel

In the southern tip of Croatia, you’ll find the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is known for it’s Old Town, which showcases its spectacular stone walls and red-orange tiled rooftops.  

Ascend up the stairs to take a walk along the Walls of Dubrovnik, where the medieval stone walls create a narrow and elevated 1.2-mile path encircling the historic center. Stroll along the pathway and admire the magnificent views which reveal the bright blue Adriatic Sea, and the labyrinth of streets below.

Explore Dubrovnik’s lively Old Town, with cobblestone paths and stone stairways that lead through this majestic city. Woven in between the maze of alleys are cozy shops, restaurants, and cafes. Stradun is the main thoroughfare, exhibiting a wide limestone-paved path lined with bakeries, cafes, and boutiques.

In Dubrovnik, many accommodations include boutique hotels and cozy apartment rentals. When traveling by yourself, excellent areas to stay in are: right in the heart of the Old Town, the nearby district of Lapad which is great for resorts, or Ploce which is just east of the historic center alongside the beach. 

For many people, the astonishing city of Dubrovnik is often a main highlight when considering solo travel to Croatia.



solo nightlife in Split

Split is a lively coastal city recognized for its ancient center. In the heart of the historic district is Diocletian’s Palace, which is an absolute must-see. This massive palace complex was built over 1500 years ago and is a recognized staple in Split’s Old Town. 

As the palace is interwoven within the streets of central Split, visitors can wander around and admire the impressive monuments showcasing Roman architecture. Solo travelers that would like to uncover facts and gain insight into its rich history can consider booking a guided tour. 

During the day, a walk through Split’s Old Town reveals a plethora of shops, cafes, and restaurants. After dusk, check out the nightlife as the atmosphere becomes vibrant and the bars light up. Or take an evening stroll down the Riva harbour, which features a lively palm-tree lined promenade with ice cream shops, restaurants, and grand yachts. 

The center of Split (and the surrounding area) are quite pedestrian-friendly and will allow you to conveniently navigate the city by walking. The town core, waterfront promenade, and ferry docks are all within close range, making the city center a fantastic area for solo women to stay in.



solo travel for women to Croatian island

Hvar is located in Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. This lovely island is filled with a picturesque setting of stone walls and dramatic blue waters. In the center of the island is the town of Hvar which has elegant restaurants and lively bars.

Don’t miss the views from the Spanish Fortress, which can be reached by walking up from the center of Hvar town. The switchback trail leads you up to the hilltop fortress, which was constructed in the 16th century. You’ll be greeted by a sweeping vista of the nearby islands, clear sea, and red-tiled buildings in the distance.

In the central town, there’s plenty to do for women traveling alone. Go for a swim in the sea or lounge at a nearby beach. Grab a bite to eat at one of the cafe patios. Walk through the narrow paths and browse the little shops. Hvar is traditionally known for its lavender fields. You’ll find plenty of shops and vendors selling the fragrant flowers. 

The island of Hvar is about a 50-minute ferry ride from Split, making it a great day trip for single travelers. However, many visitors choose to stay overnight on the island as well. Many of Hvar’s accommodations are located directly within the town center, or are slightly east or west of it. Staying within walking distance to the ferry station and Old Town will give you the opportunity to easily navigate the top highlights in the main town.



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Brač is a beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea, famous for its Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach. Located on the south coast of the island by the town of Bol, this uniquely-shaped beach is surrounded by white pebbles and turquoise sea.

While Brač is often most visited as a beach destination, it also offers a popular hiking trail up to the Vidova Gora. The trail takes you up to the highest peak on the island, revealing an aerial view of the spectacular beach and sea below.

From Split, visitors can reach the island via a 50-minute catamaran ride. While the beach is worth seeing, it can also get quite busy in the summer season. Solo travelers that would like to stay overnight can find accommodations in the town of Bol, right along the waterfront. 



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Rather a change of scenery compared to the previous coastal cities and islands, Zagreb is a lively cultural hub with interesting museums, cozy cafes, intriguing landmarks, and vibrant streets.

Take a stroll down Tkalčićeva Street, a thriving street on the edge of the city center lined with traditional boutiques and shops, as well as restaurant patios and bars. This is a great stop for solo female travelers to grab a coffee or meal and absorb the vibrant atmosphere.

With so many sights to see, be sure to wander through Gornji Grad (Upper Town), the historic district of Zagreb. The charming streets await you, intertwined with top attractions such as the Zagreb Cathedral of Assumption, and the Museum of Broken Relationships.

The best area to stay in Zagreb is near the heart of the city, which is pedestrian-friendly. Single travelers have a myriad of choices for hotels, and can explore much of Zagreb’s top highlights by walking.



visiting Old Town Croatia

This Croatian island offers visitors a glimpse of the ancient town walls, lovely beaches, and captivating scenery, all combined with a quaint atmosphere.

Explore Korčula’s magnificent medieval town, situated on the east side of the island. Walk through the tiny back streets and uncover the stone architecture, adorable shops, splendid restaurants, and bursting views of the Adriatic Sea. Once you come across the historic St. Mark’s Cathedral, climb up the bell tower for an impressive view over the town.

Cool off at one of the many striking beaches around the island, including the Pupnatska Luca Beach and Vela Przina Beach, located on the southern coast of the island.

The island of Korčula is a great stop during your solo vacation in Croatia. It can be reached via seasonal ferry or catamaran from both Split and Dubrovnik. However, its further distance may make it more suitable for an overnight trip, rather than a day trip. There are many boutique hotels and apartment rentals right by the town of Korčula, where you’ll be close to the scenic views of the sea.



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Resting on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Zadar is a charming city located north of Split.

The main entrance to the historic city is marked by the ancient Land Gate. This landmark showcases the beauty of Renaissance architecture and features beautiful ornate carvings that are worth admiring.

Wander through the delicate streets of the Old Town, where you’ll encounter the main square featuring The Forum, an interesting display of Roman ruins and architecture. Make a stop at the popular Sea Organ. This unique art object is an experimental musical instrumental consisting of organ pipes built into marble steps situated along the edge of the water.

Zadar is a great destination for a quick stopover during a solo trip to Croatia. It’s also a fantastic spot to catch a beautiful sunset over the coast.


Top Things to Do on a Solo Trip to Croatia

Game of Thrones tour Dubrovnik

1. Explore the pedestrian-only Old Town of Dubrovnik

One of the highlights of a trip alone to Croatia, the Old Town of Dubrovnik, is a must-see. Built within Medieval walls, the Old Town consists of an intricate maze of alleyways, stone walls and staircases, woven with quaint shops, cafes, museums, and churches.

Take a stroll down Stradun, the lively main thoroughfare consisting of a wide limestone path that’s lined with restaurants, boutiques, and wonderful architecture. Try visiting the Old Town both during the daytime and the nighttime for a different experience.


exploring Croatia island by yourself

2. Go on a Croatian island-hopping adventure

With many beautiful islands clustered together in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, a fun activity to add to your solo vacation is exploring the various islands. Many of the islands are located close enough to the mainland to visit during a day trip. There’s quite a few companies that operate service to the different islands via ferry or catamaran. The islands of Lokrum, Hvar, Korčula, and Brač offer plenty of charm, in addition to being convenient for single travelers to navigate.


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3. Discover the fascinating Diocletian’s Palace in Split

The former palace of Roman emperor Diocletian, this ancient complex is a fascinating centerpiece that encompasses almost half of Split’s Old Town. The UNESCO World Heritage site was built between the late 3rd and early 4th century AD.

Admire the well-preserved ruins, which include the Golden Gate, and the Peristyle (monumental courtyard). A beautiful place to explore, the palace is intertwined with the narrow streets of Split’s Old Town, which features a variety of shops and restaurants.


Croatia solo tours Plitvice Lakes National Park

4. See the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is known for its sheer natural beauty, showcasing 16 sparkling lakes interconnected with an array of magnificent waterfalls.

Marvel at the picturesque scenery as you stroll through the boardwalk paths that weave across the water. While exploring the park, there’s plenty of opportunity to admire the allure of the cascading waterfalls and emerald lakes. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a 2.5 hour drive north from Split, or a 2 hour drive south from Zagreb. For solo travelers, booking a group tour might be a convenient option to visit the park for a day trip. Group tours are available from the cities of Split, Zadar, and Zagreb, and typically include transportation as well as a guided tour of the park. 


Getting Around Croatia as a Solo Traveler

how to get around by yourself Dubrovnik

Solo travelers that choose to stay nearby the city center are often able to explore the main attractions on foot. The Old Towns are generally pedestrian-focused, and ideal for walking. 

Transportation is also a factor when considering solo travel in Croatia. Fortunately, there are many options to navigate around the country for women that plan to travel alone.


Croatia’s bus network offers an inexpensive method of transportation through various destinations along the coast. The bus stations are typically located right in the city center as well, making it convenient to access. There are numerous bus carriers in Croatia, with the largest operator being Arriva (Autotrans).

Ferry + Catamaran

Another great option to consider when planning a solo getaway to Croatia’s islands, are ferries and catamarans. Routes are operated by companies such as Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka. They have year-round routes and seasonal routes that can transport you from Dubrovnik or Split to nearby islands such as Hvar, Brač, and Korčula.

Group Boat Tour

Group boat tours are also available via tour agencies if you wish to head out onto the water and stop by an island. Typically, they include transportation to the islands along with planned activities and sightseeing. These are especially common if you are departing from the cities of Split or Dubrovnik.


If you’re looking to get from Point A to Point B quickly, flying is another option. This is especially the case if you’re traveling from cities that are on complete opposite ends. For example if you want to get from Dubrovnik which is at the southern tip of the country, to Zagreb which is on the northeast region of the country.


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