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New York City is a vibrant hub for culture, excitement and entertainment. A solo trip to this bustling city is filled with exciting attractions to see, cool neighborhoods to visit, and mouthwatering delicacies to taste. 

With plenty of attractions to uncover in a lively atmosphere, solo travelers will stay entertained and feel the energetic vibe of this city. Take a peaceful stroll through the massive Central Park, people-watch at the popular Times Square, catch the spectacular aerial view from the Empire State Building, or visit the fascinating Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

If you’re wondering how to best navigate this energetic city, keep reading below to see our New York City solo travel guide. 

Things to Do by Yourself in NYC

New York City is the perfect sightseeing city for solo travelers. From tasty eateries, to intriguing museums, and impressive landmarks, there’s so much to unpack!


Central Park 

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Wander through Central Park, a massive 843-acre urban park with plenty of beautiful greenery, statues, and trails to uncover. Walk through the many pathways, rent a bike, relax on the bench or grass. The park is great spot for solo travelers to enjoy peace and quiet away from the bustling streets.


Top of the Rock

Head up to the 70th floor, and revel in the astonishing 360 view at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. With three observation areas, admire unobstructed views to the city skyline, and famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building.


Brooklyn Bridge

walking across Brooklyn Bridge by yourself

Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, the iconic suspension bridge built in 1883. Connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, enjoy a glimpse of the spectacular Manhattan skyline and the East river.


Grand Central Station

This bustling station is a historic landmark that opened its doors in 1913. Stop by and view the fascinating interior and buzzing atmosphere. Stroll along the captivating main hall and venture into the Grand Central Market for a variety of eateries.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

exploring Metropolitan Museum of Art alone

Situated on the edge of the sprawling Central Park, stop by the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the largest art museums worldwide and home to over 2 million works of fine art, the impressive collection stretches over 5,000 years.


Museum of Modern Art

Located right in Midtown, visit the Museum of Modern Art to find a fantastic collection of over 100,000 works of contemporary and modern art. Wander through the expansive halls and explore creative centerpieces and displays.


High Line Trail 

evening view from the High Line Trail

Head up to the High Line Trail, an elevated 1.5 mile outdoor walking path along a former rail line. As you stroll along the unique trail, catch a spectacular view of the surrounding skyscrapers and the busy streets below. 


Where to Eat in NYC as a Solo Traveler

best food to eat alone in NYC

The food item that often comes to mind when people think of New York City, is none other than pizza. With a long reputation for its amazing pizza, you can almost find a shop at every corner. Don’t miss the popular Joe’s Pizza, where you can grab a tasty thin slice of New York’s best.

Food markets are a fantastic option for when you plan to travel alone and are looking to grab a quick bite or sample various items all in one spot! New York City is home to several amazing food halls.

Check out Food Gallery 32 for a lively hub with Asian cuisine. With a focus on Korean food, you’ll find items such as spicy fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, and creative desserts.

Pop over to Chelsea Market, which has over 50 food and retail vendors. This popular market offers items such as fresh mini doughnuts, fish tacos, artisanal cheeses, sweet + savoFtheatry crepes, fresh baked goods, and much more. 

Bagels are another delicacy to try while in New York City! Considered to be the top destination for tasty bagels, NYC offers an abundance of excellent shops such as Absolute Bagels and Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee. Enjoy a warm one toasted with cream cheese, or as part of a hearty sandwich. 


Best Neighborhoods to Stay in NYC

Times Square hotels for single travelers

There’s no shortage of fascinating neighborhoods for solo travelers to base their stay out of. The energy and fast-paced lifestyle of the city make it one of the best destinations for singles in their 20’s and 30’s. 

When choosing which area to stay in, consider what your interests are. Most tourists prefer to stay in the borough of Manhattan as it’s centrally located. However, areas of Brooklyn are worth considering as well.



Midtown is the perfect spot for solo travelers looking to be in the heart of the city. While accommodations in Midtown are generally more expensive, the area is conveniently situated nearby top attractions such as Times Square, Museum of Modern Art, and The Empire State Building.


SoHo is known as a shopping haven with a great restaurant scene. Stroll through the cobblestone streets, filled with retail shops on ever block, from luxury brands to everyday brands.

Greenwich Village

A top spot for eateries and restaurants, Greenwich Village is also a great place for solo travelers interested in nightlife, with a selection of bars, and popular jazz clubs. 

Financial District

The Financial District is located at the southern tip of Manhattan, making it a key spot to encounter stunning waterfront views, and easy access to the ferry and key highlights such as the One World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Battery Park.


Williamsburg is a hip neighborhood in Brooklyn with contemporary shops, chic cafes, and swanky restaurants. The area often attracts a younger crowd, and has bars, seasonal food markets, and nightlife.


What to Do at Night in NYC

going to a Broadway show alone

Theater District: Broadway Shows

Just minutes away from Times Square, New York City’s centrally-located Theater District is a hub of world-class entertainment. With over 40 venues, the district light ups in the evening with bright billboards and dazzling lights. Those traveling alone can choose from a diverse selection of entertaining Broadway shows set in historic theaters.

Greenwich Village: Jazz Clubs + Bars

Complete with colorful restaurants and bars, this vibrant neighbourhood is a great choice for solo travelers interested in live music bars and a dose of nightlife. Greenwich Village is where you’ll find Off-Broadway theaters, as well as a wide selection of intimate live music venues including piano bars and cozy jazz clubs.


How to Get Around NYC

riding ny subway alone as a tourist

If you’re traveling by yourself, take advantage of the extensive public transit system in New York City. The convenient train system efficiently takes you North – South through the neighborhoods of Manhattan, and East out to the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Train stations are easy to spot and conveniently located, with over 100 stations spread out across the borough of Manhattan.

Single travelers visiting New York City for more than 5 days may find it to be more cost-effective to purchase a day pass, especially those that plan on making multiple trips in a day. The passes allow you to make unlimited trips for the specific duration of time, allowing you to make the most of your sightseeing! 

Of course, walking is another fantastic way to get around while seeing the atmosphere and streets of the city. There are plenty of popular  streets to explore by foot, such as the lively Fifth Avenue or the side streets of SoHo, and Wall Street. 


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