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In the Danish capital, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere with an eclectic culinary scene, impressive bike culture, and remarkable historic landmarks. 

Right in the city center, there’s many interesting sights for solo travelers to see, including museums, palaces, a bustling market and a lively harbor. 

While you’re in Copenhagen, embrace the Danish Hygge lifestyle which consists of creating a cozy atmosphere and taking time to relish the small joys of life. 

If you’re wondering what it’s like to visit this vibrant city by yourself, keep reading below for our guide to solo travel in Copenhagen.

Things to Do on a Solo Trip to Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle

Traveling alone as a woman Danish castle

Rosenborg Castle was originally a summer house built in the early 17th century by the Danish King, Christian IV. Here, you can get a glimpse at the royal treasures, including the sparkling Crown Jewels of Denmark.

Admire the magnificent interior of this Renaissance castle along with the collections of ornate items. With over 400 years of rich history, see the Great Hall which features the coronation throne. Reservations for admission to the castle can be made online through their website.


The Little Mermaid

see The Little Mermaid statue tour

One of Denmark’s most iconic landmarks, this famous bronze statue depicts a mermaid perched on a rock. Since 1913, it sits at the Langelinie Pier in the city center. The inspiration for the sculpture comes from the fairytale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. A sightseeing bus & boat tour is a convenient way to see the statue from both land and water, along with many other top sights in Copenhagen.



taking a trip alone Copenhagen

Nyhavn is a picturesque waterfront district located in the city center. The canal is lined with historic colorful townhouses, as well as restaurants and bars. Nyhavn is a wonderful spot for solo travelers to take a stroll along the cobblestone streets, admire the beautiful scenery, or grab a coffee on the patio. If you’re interested in capturing the lovely waterfront backdrop and bustling atmosphere, try a canal tour, as you hop on board a boat and sail along the harbor.


Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

solo travel Copenhagen

One of Denmark’s most famous buildings, Rundetaarn was constructed in 1642 by Danish King, Christian IV. This 17th century observation tower provides wonderful rooftop views of the city. Unlike many other towers, access to the top is reached by walking on a sloped spiral ramp that winds around the tower 7.5 times. On the way up the tower, there’s entrances to several others rooms, such as the Library Hall, which serves as an art gallery.



dining alone Copenhagen market

In central Copenhagen, this bustling marketplace has over 60 stalls selling local produce, baked goods, cheeses, and various gourmet items. It’s a wonderful stop for women traveling alone to get a bite to eat, and shop. There’s also a variety of freshly prepared food items such as Smørrebrød.

This famous Danish classic looks like a colorful work of art. It’s an open-faced sandwich on rye bread that’s piled with toppings. It consists of a main topping such as roast beef, smoked salmon or chicken salad. The carefully crafted sandwich is then followed by a layer of garnishes, condiments, and vegetable toppings.


Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen solo female travel

Located right in central Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is a fascinating amusement park and garden offering a wide assortment of activities. There’s something for everyone at the theme park, which showcases rides, manicured gardens, live concerts, musicals and the ballet theater. 

Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843, and is said to be the inspiration for Disney World. In addition to the activities, Tivoli Gardens is great for wandering around in the evening, wth its lively atmosphere and timeless charm. Check their website for the up-to-date opening hours and events for each season.

Explore the city center by bike

solo travel for women Copenhagen

With over 200 miles of bike lanes, cycling is very popular way to get around in Copenhagen. It’s also an awesome way to see many of the city’s landmarks throughout your solo getaway. Rent a bike at a local shop or join a guided bike tour to explore the scenery and sights. Various Copenhagen bike tours are available, ranging from 1.5 hour to 3 hours in length. Many sights such as the Little Mermaid Statue, Nyhavn harbor, and Amalienborg Castle are located relatively within the same area, keeping the distances reasonable.


Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen solo travel

Whether you’re looking for a quieter atmosphere, nightlife, or close proximity to certain attractions, there’s a few different neighborhoods for solo female travelers to consider.


Indre By

Indre By, which translates to “Inner City”, is a top choice for solo women visiting for the first time. It encompasses the bustling city center, providing easy access to various amenities as well as the majority of Copenhagen’s best attractions, including Nyhavn harbour, Rundetaarn (The Round Tower), and Rosenborg Castle. The neighborhood is very walkable, giving you the opportunity to easily explore the sights and streets.


Nørrebro is a diverse and hip neighborhood filled with eateries, bars, and indie shops. It’s also home to a selection of notable fine-dining restaurants, making it a good choice for solo travelers looking to dive into the Nordic cuisine.


As Frederiksberg is an upscale neighborhood in a more residential area, it’s an excellent choice for solo travelers that prefer a quieter atmosphere. There’s a variety of cafes and eateries around. The district is also home to Frederiksberg Garden, a sprawling green space to walk around or relax in.


This trendy district is in close proximity to many of the top attractions, especially Tivoli Gardens. It also offers various nightlife options, restaurants, and funky boutiques. Additionally, this district is home to the main train station (Copenhagen Central Station), making it a convenient area to stay if you plan on visiting other Danish cities during your trip alone.


Day Trips from Copenhagen

Denmark Copenhagen day trips

While you’re visiting Copenhagen, there’s many exciting things to check out just outside of the city! Many nearby cities can be conveniently reached via train, or as day trips offered by tour companies.


Kronborg Castle

An essential cultural sight of Denmark, this castle is also famous for being the setting in William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a Renaissance castle with an impeccable interior. Kronborg Castle is located about 45 minutes from central Copenhagen. Solo travelers can reach Kronborg Castle by taking the train to the city of Helsingør, then taking a 15-minute walk to the castle grounds.

Malmö Sweden

The third-largest city in Sweden, Malmö is a bustling coastal city that’s a great stop for solo travelers looking to venture over to Sweden for the day. Take a walk on the cobblestones through the medieval Old Town, revealing half-timbered houses, restaurants, and gift shops. Malmö is a 40-minute train ride from central Copenhagen. 


Roskilde is located west of Copenhagen. It’s known for its Viking Ship Museum where you can get up close to the 11th century Skuldelev ships, the five original viking ships that were excavated in 1962 from the nearby Roskilde Fjord. The other highlight of the city is the Roskilde Cathedral, which is the official burial church of the Danish Royal Family. 

Solo travelers can get to the city of Roskilde via a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen. From the train station, it’s a 15-minute walk to the cathedral, and a 25-minute walk to the Viking Ship Museum.


How to Get Around Copenhagen

Copenhagen solo trip

From the Airport to the City 

The train is the most convenient and economical choice to get from the airport to the city center, especially if you’re traveling by yourself. Busses and taxis are also alternative options. The airport train goes directly to Nørreport train station in the city center , with the journey taking approximately 15 minutes. When you arrive to the Nørreport train station, you can connect to the local metro, regional train, bus or taxi to carry on to your final destination.

Metro System

The transportation system in Copenhagen is reliable, with the metro and busses arriving quite frequently. There’s 4 metro lines, which all pass through the city center. The metro and bus will get you around Copenhagen, meanwhile the S-trains travel to Copenhagen’s suburban areas. While staying within the city, the metro will likely be the most convenient form of public transportation for single travelers.

Biking & Walking

With one of the best bike infrastructure around the world, Copenhagen is a wonderful city to explore and get around by bike. There’s bike bridges, bike highways, and paths, making it a convenient and safe way to navigate the city. Rentals are available at local bicycle shops. Sightseeing bike tours are an option as well.

Copenhagen is very walking-friendly, and exploring by foot often allows you to come across things that you might otherwise miss! The city is relatively flat and compact. With a good selection of top sights located right in the city center, it’s possible to walk or bike from one attraction to the other.


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