The Makati neighborhood is much more classy and cleaner than Pasay. If you want to go to Pasay, get a short time Hotel starting at 150. For 300 to 600 you get a 12 hour overnight near Anito Baclaran (or in Anito Baclaran itself). Luxury rooms with jacuzzis etc. are a bit higher.

Some Makati bars start at 12(?) or 2, so the first shift gets off at 8 pm (appointment opportunity!). Other bars start at 4, Jools (everyone agrees it is the best) starts at 7 pm. Jools has excellent dance shows. All Makati Bars are in the high volume ladies drink business, be extremely careful, buy them one at a time, very slowly. Just say no, or say wait a while. The girl will stay for a while if you do not buy a drink. After you buy one, you can still hold on to a few of her friends at the same time.

Living right in Makati allows you to make easy off time appointments with the most beautiful girls in Manila, this saves you the 2200 to 2600 Piso barfine, and maybe the girl gives you a discount on an after work rendez-vous. Here are my favorites:

4402 Valdez Street off Makati Avenue (behind International School)
Phone: (632) 899 8061 (632) 899 8209 to 13
Fax 899 8064

Very nice, with sizable swimming pool, about a mile from the action at P. Burgos St.
Simple room with shared outside bathroom 750 (2 people) Rooms with phone and own bathroom 1078 (1 person), 1225 2 people, large rooms a bit more (taxes already included) Recommended!! They said visitors are no problem in a double.

5007 P Burgos St. phone 8972370 to 98,
fax 897266, reservation fax 750 2984
e mail

Studio 75 $, Standard 100 $, plus 10% tax, maybe you get 20% discount. Said visitor is no problem. Seems higher class hotel. Right next to the bars.

5013 Burgos St. Makati,
phone 897 1974 fax 897 1965
Studio 1300 day, 8000 week, 22000 month (monthly adds electricity bill)
Apartelle 1500, 10000, 28000 all taxes included, phone, security, no pool.

The studio is tiny but sufficient, the apartelle is over twice the size with little kitchen, has a door and two rooms, so one girl can wait while you do the other :-) You will have to make several appointments at the same time, as they are not guaranteed (someone who is not a cheap Charlie like us else might barfine her) Hotel has security, phone, fridge, clean, but a bit simple, like torn sofa

There are more simple room/apartment deals in P Burgos and adjacent streets, like 680 apartelle, 5021 P. Burgos St. Tel 897 1957, entrance a bit strange: you have to walk through a 24 hour grocery store to get to the elevator. Same price range starting about `1200